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Raddrizzatore - RC38

We manufacture a wide range of rectifiers to fit new and older motorcycles. New advanced design - most of our rectifiers now feature highly advanced..

€39.93 Inc VAT
€33.00 Ex VAT
Regolatore - RTRG125

Lighting Voltage Regulator 12V Prevents 'bulb failure' when fitted to a 12V AC lighting system (no battery). Robust electric circuit only...

€35.09 Inc VAT
€29.00 Ex VAT
bobine di accensione - C500/C501

- We manufacture a wide range of ignition & lighting source coils to fit new and older Japanese and European motorcycles. - All products are made.

€150.65 Inc VAT
€124.50 Ex VAT
Stator Kit - STK-255

No Lighting - Self generating external rotor, CDI Ignition system- no battery required eliminating need for battery charger - External low inertia...

€533.01 Inc VAT
€440.50 Ex VAT

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