Suzuki GSXR600 2006-20018 Statore riavvolgimento

  • Modello: CARW-SU-GSXR600 Stator Rewinding
  • Peso spedizione: 1kg.
  • Prodotto da: Carmo
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Suzuki GSXR600 GSX-R600 GSX600R Stator alternator 2006-2018

Carmo electronics can rewind / overhaul this alternator / stator for you or deliver a rewound / overhauled one out of stock.
We offer 3 years warranty on stator rewinding.
Rewinding / reconditioning time is approximately 3 to 5 working days, or supplied directly from stock (surcharge / deposit applied, see information below)

You need to send your old alternator stator to us so we can rewind it for you.

This stator may be purchased before sending us your old defective stator. There will be surcharge applied which will be returned to you after we receive your old defective stator.
Please note that your old stator is only accepted if the old stator is an OEM part and in mechanically good condition; if for example a part of the metal stator core is broke off we cannot return the surcharge. Want to be back on the road as soon as possible? Click on THIS LINK to add the surcharge to your shopping cart. Your order will be shipped without having to wait for your old stator to arrive at our location.

How do we do it?
- Your alternator is first stripped all the way to the metal core.
- After that your stator core will be cleaned and sanded.
- Now the stator core will be isolated with a layer of coating thicker than OEM. This greatly reduces the chance of your stator burning out.
- The next step is rewinding the stator with high quality copper wire.  
- Finally a layer of protective coating will be applied for better heat protection.
- Your alternator is now ready for use! 

You can ship your stator to THIS address

31401-01H00 STATOR ASSY
31401-01H10 STATOR ASSY
31401-01H20 STATOR ASSY


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