Improved Honda XL600V transalp MM9 CDI 2x

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This is a improved digital Honda XL600v transalp MM9 CDI unit (2x)
Warranty 3 years

-- It is important that ‘MM9’ is printed on your original CDI units, if ‘MS8’ is printed on your CDI units, you need THIS UNITS --

This is an improved 'plug and play´ replacement unit developed by Carmo.
The spark delay is more accurate and less dependent on temperature changes.
The spark is more powerful on the moments that it is needed so that the engine will perform better.
Exchanging one of the two units is possible, but for optimum performance, we recommend to replace them both.

Honda XL600V transalp CDI
Honda XL600V PD06 CDI
1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994
MM9 CDI Centralina

OEM part Numbers
MM9 CI529


MS8: pin 4, Secure, Ground = ON
MM9: pin 4, Ground as pin 6

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