Ottimizzazione flash ECU ad alte prestazioni + Autoblip

  • Modello: Motorbike ECU-Flash-Autoblipper
  • Peso spedizione: 1kg.
  • Prodotto da: Carmo
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If you wish to purchase a High Performance Centralina flash your fuel injection maps and/or ignition maps will be improved. We focus on engine performance and improved drivability. With this Centralina flash we also offer the option of removing limiters and fault codes. This Centralina flash will be adjusted for the best compatibility with any specific performance mods on your motorcycle. This way we can ensure that the Centralina flash will show the best possible result. The engine will produce significantly more power and torque without any negative effects on fuel consumption.
The following limiters can be adjusted or removed:
- Top speed limiter
- Rev limiter
- Limiters in specific gears
- Throttle valve limiter

The following fault codes can be removed:
- O2 sensor
- Exhaust valve servo motor
- Steering damper
- Closed Loop system
- PAIR / AIS Valve
- Knock sensor
- Other fault codes

Extras for the ZX10-R > 2016 / ZX10-RR:
- Activating Autoblipper
- Activating race display mode (larger gear indicator)
- Adjusting fan activation temperature
-​ Adjusting KEBC Kawasaki Engine Brake Controller settings

After flash instructions
Before ordering this service, please contact us at [email protected] for information regarding the specific options and possibilities for your vehicle.



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