Texa TwinProbe Oscilloscopio

  • Modello: TEXA-B-TWINPROBE Twinprobe Texa tool
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  • Prodotto da: Texa
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What can the TEXA TwinProbe do?
This is an automotive oscilloscope from Texa, it is a measuring instrument with a wide range of possible applications. Technicians often waste time when they have to switch from the diagnostic device to the oscilloscope.
This is not the case with the TEXA TwinProbe together with a TEXA diagnostic device, because thanks to a standardized and intuitive Texa user software, it is possible to switch directly from the diagnostic device to the oscilloscope.
The TEXA TwinProbe can be connected via Bluetooth technology without cables to the PC. If you want to work without a cable connected, you can take measurements up to 15 meters from the PC.
The TwinProbe has a rechargeable battery, so you can also work without a power adapter.

What possibilities does the TEXA TwinProbe offer?
The extensive oscilloscope software has been kept as simple as possible so that you can start working immediately after a short training period.
In the software it is possible to stop/freeze the measurement, so you can perform amplitude measurements and time measurements afterwards. The minimum and maximum voltage values and the frequency are then calculated and displayed in the software.
The power supply is supplied directly via the vehicle battery or via a USB power source or the supplied adapter or via the battery in the TwinProbe itself.
A total of two channels are available, both measuring channels can be displayed simultaneously and set separately in the amplitude and time setting. Ideal for comparing the signals with each other.
A special cable for the signal generator can be connected via the "Function Gen" connection, you can use this function to generate signals such as a block signal to control a tachometer / speedometer or a voltage between 0V and 5V to simulate a sensor like a TPS or MAP sensor.

TwinProbe Specifications:
Power supply: 5 - 32 VDC
Power supply and recharge also from USB
Internal battery: 3,7 V, 1 Ah
Battery autonomy: 2 hours
Maximum current draw: 400 mA at 12 V
Operating temperature: 0 / +45°C
Storage temperature: -20 / +60°C
Dimensions and weight: 155x178x55 mm (excluding Bluetooth antenna), 1.2 Kg
Integrated Bluetooth antenna

Channels: 2 independent input channels with analogue bandwidth of 10 MHz (-3 dB); sampling rate 40MSamples/sec at 10 bit with 1 channel active, 20 MSamples/sec at 10 bit with 2 channels active
Max input voltage: +/- 250 Vmax, AC or DC coupling
Vertical scale for each channel: from 20 mV/Div to 100 V/Div
Horizontal scale: from 250 mV/Div to 50 s/Div
Trigger: source CH1, CH2

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