Stator Kit - STK-200

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Internal Rotor Sator kit

- Simple to fit, no machining required. High energy self generating CDI ignition system located in place of the original Wipac alternator in the LH cover. The stator is designed for operation within the engine environment.
- The stator produces the energy and timing signal which feed the combined CDI, producing a high voltage spark, very easy starting at 250rpm.
- Ignition advance is automatic which gives excellent performance throughout the rev range and is specifically made for Tiger Cub trials engines.
- IMPORTANT NOTE: All models of Tiger Cub have a 5/8" crankshaft to mount the alternator rotor. Models after 1962 have a spacer with slot to adapt the rotor, which now has a 3/4" bore - this is a strange idea. So for pre 1962 models you will require a spacer from later models to enable the STK-200 kit to fit.


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