Stator Kit - STK-502

  • Modello: CARSTK502 Stator Kit
  • Peso spedizione: 1kg.
€458.59 Inc VAT
€379.00 Ex VAT

Bosch alternator replacement kit

- New permanent magnet rotor - brushless design
- 29amps/400 watts @ 5000rpm
- 25amps/350watts @ 3000rpm
- 20amps/280watts @ 2000rpm
- Increases amperage by up to 80% over stock Bosch systems
- Electronic voltage regulator/rectifier combination remotely mounted for increased cooling and reliability, replaces diode board rectifier
- High-tech permanent magnet rotor will never overheat or short out
- Brushless design eliminates worn out rotor slip rings and brushes
- Eliminates ‘burnt out warning light’ no-charge condition of Bosch systems
- Will retrofit all BMW R applications between 1970-1995 and Moto Guzzi 1975-1992, bolts right on and wires up simply
- Designed and manufactured to modern OEM specifications


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