KTM 250 SXF Replacer (AMP)

  • Model: KTM 250 SXF Replacer AMP
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Improved KTM 250 SXF Replacer (AMP).

Your Motorbike will perform better with this advanced ignition unit from Carmo electronics!

What's also improved/better compared to the original unit:
- Extra spark power because of battery charged TCI ignition coil results in better performance.
- The unit is protected against overvoltage (defect voltage regulator/rectifier, bad battery, ...).
- The unit is protected against a defect ignition coil and reverse battery connection.
- The unit has a acceleration correction, when the bike rev's up the ignition delay will be a bit more (in proportion). Smoother acceleration.
- The unit uses digital technique, so it is more accurate and temperature changes have no influence, the curve is also optimized for more power.
- When the battery voltage changes, the unit will change the control to the ignition coil so the spark power will stay the same.
- Start mode, during engine start the unit will give more current to the ignition coil for a faster start.

KTM SXF250 more hp power CDI ECU brain computer CU7504 CU7527

3 Year warranty


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